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Voit piilottaa tämän mainoksen kirjautumalla sisään.
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Half-Life: Alyx (Read 8469 times)
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Half-Life: Alyx
03.03.2020 at 14:51:39
Noi loikkimiset vaikuttaa omaan silmään aika ankeilta, mutta onneks tässä on vissiin toi ihan normaalikin liikkuminen mukana (näkyy tokassa videossa).

In the first of three videos, Valve demonstrates the game's Teleportation locomotion style – a 'Point A to Point B' method which allows the player to point to where they want to stand and instantly teleport to that very spot. You can check out this kind of movement in the video below.

The next video focuses on the Continuous locomotion movement style, which is sure to be hugely popular with long-time Half-Life fans in that it offers traditional FPS free movement via analogue stick.

In the third and final Half-Life: Alyx gameplay video, Valve offers a look at the game's Shift locomotion method, which is very similar to the Teleportation style – players will still pick a marker on the ground for their character to move to, only you'll zoom over to the spot in a less-instantaneous fashion.

Hyvältä vaikuttaa kyllä! Vielä kun ois varaa PC:n VR-kypärään, kun ei halua toki mitään halpispaskaa. Valven oma Index kiinnostaa (tässä vaiheessa) eniten. Smiley
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